Like Gobert, whose symptoms were reported by the

As provinces start to loosen COVID 19 restrictions, the reopening of campgrounds may provide a summer vacation for some. While camping at national parks will not be allowed until at least June 21, most provinces have opened or are soon opening camping facilities. And Alberta, camping in some parks and other campsites will open in June if virus transmission remains low.

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Alejado made magic preseason scrambling unleashing the perfect dart to notch a Preseason win over the OG Ducks. Even though the Vegas Strong fell short on their National Championship goals, Alejado had himself a record breaking season statically all while stamping himself as one of the top Quarterbacks, in his age group. Make no mistake Alejado is not the traditional style Quarterback, he is the modern version seeing him move around, he also displays the ability to make plays with his feet and avoid trouble.

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